Sharon Matusiak and Robin Washburn
Collaborative Sculptors

This collaborative body of work by the husband and wife team of Robin L. Washburn and Sharon Matusiak is inspired by nature, architecture, geometry, music and the spiritual journey of life.  Their work has gone through several evolutions over the years, but always the common thread has been an exploration of texture, color and materials to create elegant and dynamic sculpture for the wall and tabletop. 

Most recently they are exploring the iconic forms of boats, nests and the book. The boat is the symbol for the spiritual journey and as such it is ripe for exploration by them.  The boat has been used in funeral rites, for the exploration of, and travel around the planet, for the gathering of food, for waging war and for recreation.  Foregoing realism, we favor the idea of each boat, exploring meaning in its shape, its utility and its accoutrements. Each sculpture stands as a testament of our journey as artists seeking meaning in life.

Another of their ongoing series is a collection of copper books for the wall.  Books are the physical embodiment of knowledge and enlightenment, the teller of stories, the keeper of secrets, and ultimately the record of our history.  These sculptural icons stand as their interpretation of this important cultural symbol that they fear is fading into oblivion.

Matusiak and Washburn live and create in Marion, Illinois.

Please click any of the images below for a  larger view

Flight of the Swallows     Wall Jewelry

 The framework is bentwood with a painterly finish and the abstract forms that express the flitting movement of the Swallows are carved basswood w/dyed cord. 

            44Hx17Wx7D    $1800


             Temple Doors       Wall Jewelry

Painterly back-plate, hammered copper doors
and round orb projecting outward. 
The orb is enamel on copper

36 square    $2500

Set of 3 copper books     Wall Jewelry

Sheet copper clad over wood, then hammered with texture before applying chemical patina. These books are the physical embodimentof  knowledge and enlightenment, the teller of stories, the keeper ofsecrets and ultimately the record of our history.

each a 12 square   $950


Very Chic

Copper with patina, basswood with paint,
found glass object and granite.

11Hx12Wx3D   $885


Basswood hull with crackled and painted finish. Hammered copper deck with patina.
Brazed copper nest symbolizing home and security

7.5Hx36Wx10D   $2500

Golden Sunset

Carved basswood with paint;
Bolivian rosewood; hammered copper
with patina.

  10.5Hx17.24Wx4D  $950


Song of the Universe      Wall Jewelry

Paint on wood; turned and carved wooden orb.
This sculpture expresses the timeless movement
of the universe.

each panel 48Hx18Wx4D  $2500


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