Brad Stroman

Brad’s paintings reflect the intimate and fragile relationship between man and nature. By incorporating the Japanese Zen Buddhist aesthetic of wabi-sabi he can create a stage where both nature and man-made surfaces and objects play out their balancing act. The aesthetic of wabi-sabi encourages a contemplative look at our lives through a meditative and disciplined search for humility and an understanding of our place in the physical world.
It professes a belief that all things are incomplete, impermanent and imperfect. One will discover the interaction
of those tenets throughout the images in his compositions. 

This visionary art is unique—in its lushly beautiful palette, in its ritualistic compositions combining geometry and ragged edges, and in its maturely developed technique.

Please click any of the images below for a  larger view

  Hearts & Poppies

24x16 image  25.5x17.5 framed

       acrylic on panel  $1100 

  Winged Iris

24x20 image  25.5x21,5 framed

       acrylic on panel $1400

 Hollyhock Lock

24x12 image  25.5x13.5 framed

    acrylic on panel $900

First Love

12x9 image  13.5x10.5 framed

   acrylic  $800


10x8 image  11.5x19.5 framed

         acrylic  $550 

     Waiting for You

12x9 image  13.5x10.5 framed

    acrylic  $800

  A Flame in My Heart

16x16 image  17.5x17.5 framed
  acrylic  $850 

Beach Memories I

16x15.5 image  17.5x17 framed
acrylic  $850

           Beach Memories II

16x15.5 image  17.5x17 frame
    acrylic  $850


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