Debra Keirce


Artist Debra Keirce originally from Detroit, Michigan now makes her home in Ashburn, VA, where she creates works that share stories of joy, desire, challenge and encouragement. Her art is influenced by classical and Trompe L’Oeil techniques. Painting in miniature and small formats the artist says,
“Imagine the magic in your reality. This is what I paint.”

Part of her process for creating miniature fine art involves the use of magnifying lenses and close range binoculars. 

Keirce holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering Concentration from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. Also, she is a signature member of the Miniature Artists of America, the highest recognition a miniature artist exhibiting in the USA can attain. 

Please click any of the images for a  larger view


  Hook Me Up

20x16 image  25.5x21.5 framed

           oil on canvas  $2595 

   Milk and Cookies

24x18 image  29.5x23.5 framed

       acrylic on canvas  $3505


2.5x4 image  4.5x6 framed

   acrylic study 


   Taking Flight

2.5x4 image  6x7.5 framed

        acrylic study  $175

        Precious Moments

2.5x4 image  6x7.5framed

        acrylic study  $175


     Shedding Light

4x2.5 image  7.5x6 framed

        acrylic study  $175


      Ketchup & Mustard

4x2.5 image  7.5x6 framed

   oil  $340

  Love Potion

4x6 image  7.25x9.5 framed

   acrylic  SOLD

Night Shift

3.5x2  image  6x4.5 framed

 acrylic SOLD

    Mother Ship

2.5x4  image  6x7.5 framed

    acrylic  SOLD


4x6  image  7.5x9.5 framed




6x4  image  7.5x5.5 framed

    acrylic  $395


4x5.5  image  5.75x7.25 framed  acrylic  $405

Spill the Beans

2.5x4  image  4.5x6 framed
acrylic  $290

The Light

6x4  image  7.25x5.5 framed

     acrylic  $395 

  Tea Thoughts

2.5x4  image  6x7.5 framed

     acrylic  $290

     A Good Book

5.5x3.5  image  7.5x5.5 framed

 acrylic  $375

   Fruit of the Vine

6x4  image  9.5x7.5 framed

  acrylic  $395 

     Grape Tea

2.5x4  image  6x4.5 framed

            acrylic  $290

 Let it Shine

4x6  image  7.25x9 framed

 acrylic  SOLD


6x4  image  11.5x9.5 framed

     acrylic SOLD

 In Port

3x4  image  4.25x5.25 framed

     acrylic  $345





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