February, 2017



Vicki Gates

Gates Clear Sunrise II.jpg (4415546 bytes) Gates Summer Clouds.jpg (4521114 bytes) Gates Still Water.jpg (1924293 bytes)

    Clear Sunrise II

23x23 image  36x36 framed
pastel  $1650

Summer Clouds

          18x14 image  30x26 framed               

pastel  $950

    Still Water

14x10 image  26x21 framed

     pastel  $675

Gates Sun With a Hint of Rain II.jpg (7660121 bytes)

Gates Great Blue Heron.jpg (8966464 bytes)

Gates Rising Moon.jpg (1975401 bytes)

     Sun With a Hint of Rain

24x20 image  29x25 framed

 pastel  $1600

  Great Blue Heron

9x6 image  15.25x12.25 framed

 pastel  $325  

  Rising Moon

16x16 image  29x29 framed

pastel  $985


Gates First Rays.jpg (6696136 bytes)

First Rays

16x16 image  21x21 framed

pastel  $950


Elaine Hruska



Hruska Sitting Pretty 20 X 16 pastel on paper.jpg (1671272 bytes) Hruska  Misty River Morning.jpg (5026216 bytes) Hruska golden reflections-24-x-20-pastel-on-paper web.jpg (133693 bytes)


  Sitting Pretty

20x16 image  28.5x24.5 framed

  pastel  $1900


       Misty River Morning

20x19 image  28x27 framed

  pastel  $2100

        Golden Reflections

24x20 image  31x27 framed

            pastel  $2500      

      Hruska misty marsh morning-16-x-21-pastel-on-paper web.jpg (97625 bytes)

Hruska golden delight-22-x-15-1-2-pastel-on-paper  web.jpg (102916 bytes)

Hruska Waiting for a Bite.jpg (2878792 bytes)

   Misty Marsh Morning

16x21.5 image  23x28.5 framed

              pastel  $1900               

Golden Delight

22.5x16.5 image  28.5x22.5 framed

pastel  $1900

Waiting for a Bite

18 x16 image 20 x23 framed

pastel $1600


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