UTAHpian Splendor

Elaine Hruska

March 2 – March 30, 2018

Opening Reception Friday, March 2, 5-8 PM


Through March, the Ellis-Nicholson Gallery will be exhibiting a new collection of work by Elaine Hruska entitled UTAHpian Splendor, inspired by Hruska’s recent trip to Utah.

A first-time visitor, Hruska was struck by the rich hues and natural features of Utah’s landscape, the deep reds of canyon formations and the vibrant greens of pinyon pines peeking between rocks.

“It was exciting to see how the light and time of day changes the colors of the land from pale tans and pinks to yellows and oranges, reds and purples,” notes Hruska.  

The excitement and energy of the artist comes through in works like “Five O’Clock Shadow”.  Known for capturing natural texture and color through her pastel landscapes, Hruska’s infatuation with the Utah terrain goes beyond an appreciation of its beauty. The vastness of the geography and the landscape’s ability to endure across generations is imprinted on her memory, as well.

The artist’s hope is that the exhibit will raise appreciation of our natural treasures and awareness to the need to protect them. In honor of the Navajo Nation and how it protects their precious land; and in support of the National Parks Foundation, the artist will make a donation to the foundation from the sale of each painting.


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