Jill Banks

Capturing Life in Oils  

Stylistically, Banks continues to evolve from realism with feeling to impressionism with even more emotion and simplification.  

The artist says, “painting plein air and figuring out what I’m truly working to convey naturally led to details and extra stuff falling to the wayside.” 

More than a decade ago, in the seventh week of witnessing her belly dancing subject work through little movements to get into the official pose, it dawned on Banks to ask her to dance. She did. Hearing the music, watching the fluidity of her movements made Banks realize how dull a single frame, out of context, is – no matter how precisely painted.  “Put the subject in motion and some magic happens. I paint to capture life's magic ... to transport you inside my oil paintings -- to feel that breeze, hear the sounds, watch what happens, smell the beer.
My dancer dances. I travel everywhere with my easel, setting it up in markets, on busy streets, in a restaurant or bar, at the farm to paint the animals as they wander around in the field. Standing there for hours, I soak up my surroundings so that what it FEELS like to be there (wonderful) transfers to the canvas.” 

Banks was recently chosen as one of the top nine painter and drawing teachers in the Washington, DC area by Expertise.com and as well Artists to Watch…The Editor’s Choice for Up-And-Coming Talent by Southwest Art.  

When Banks is not out and about at a plein air festival or on a painting excursion elsewhere, she can often be found at her studio in Great Falls, Virginia.

Please click any of the images below for a  larger view



40x30 image  47x37 framed

    oil  $6400

Market Day at San Gimignano

 24x18 image  31x25 framed

  oil  $2950

Movie Night

         16x20 image   23x27 framed                 

 oil  $2150  


36x36 image  44x44 framed

  oil  $6800

    Painting the Pump House

10x8 image  14.5x12.5 framed

 oil on panel  $750

Saint Patrick’s Day

12x16 image  16.5x20.5 framed

    oil on panel  $1375      

Flower Power

30x24 image  38.5x32.5 framed

           oil on canvas  $4200

Ladies’ Lunch

16x20 image  21.5x25.5 framed

          oil on canvas  $2150

    The Snuggery

18x24 image  26.5x32.5 framed

            oil on panel  $2950

Venezia Market II

18x24 image  25x31 frame
 oil on panel  $2950




    Stars and Stripes

24x24 image  29.5x29.5 framed

     oil on canvas  $3400



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