J. Michael Kennedy

The artistís interest in art started from the first time he held a crayon and he has never outgrown his fascination with drawing and color. Kennedyís work encompasses landscapes and cityscapes of the Southeast Coast, emphasizing the color that our subtropical sun brings to life in this region.

After receiving a BFA in Graphic Design from Youngstown State University, Michael worked in advertising for 14 years as a designer and later Art Director while continuing to study painting. He has had the privilege of studying with great painters such as Albert Handel, Martin Ahrens, Joyce Nagel, William Jameson and Kim English.

The artist lives and maintains his studio in Mt. Pleasant, SC., with Olive the black lab keeping him company.

Please click any of the images below for a  larger view

 Soft Finish

8x10 image  16x20 framed

       oil on canvas  $380

     Spring Moon

8x10 image  16x18 framed

       oil on canvas  $380

     New Day

11x14 image  16x20 framed

       oil on canvas  $470

 Tide Light

12x24 image  20x32 framed

       oil on canvas  $750

   Another Place and Time

12x36 image  22x46 framed

       oil on canvas  $1150

  Song in the Air

24x36 image  34x46 framed

       oil on canvas  $2250




    Moon Song

18x24 image  26x32 framed

       oil on canvas  $900



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