Karen Alley


Alley says, “Color.  I LOVE color.  I have created paintings over the years in a variety of styles, but prefer non-traditional landscapes which explore the line between abstraction and representational, created with playful and vibrant colors, colors that invite the viewer into the scene. My art is somewhat whimsical, drawing the viewer in and making the predictable, unpredictable, with intense hues of strong or bold color and shape.”

 The artist grew up along the South Carolina coast, and attended Clemson University, where she received a degree in Business Management. She maintained her love of art through the years, but placed “creating” it on hold after marrying and having two sons. In 2007, she decided to pick up the brush again and turned one of her great passions into a full-time career choice. 

Karen has studied extensively at Braitman Studio in Charlotte, NC and sites Andy Braitman, Brian Rutenberg, and Wolf Kahn as influences.  She currently resides and maintains a studio in Charlotte, NC.

Please click any of the images for a  larger view

  Confetti Blue Forest

36x36 image  37.5x37.5 framed

       acrylic on canvas  $1950 

Orange and Blue

18x24 image  19.5x25.5 framed

       acrylic on canvas  $1300

 Three Times The Shade

36x18 image  37.5x19.5 framed

       acrylic on canvas  $1295

Wave Series I

15x30 image  16.5x37.5 framed

         oil on canvas  $1125

Winding Road

30x40 image  31.5x41.5 framed

       acrylic on canvas  $2700


Along the Coast

15x30 image 
16.5x31.5 framed
 oil on canvas

Rimini in Red

30x40 image 
31.5x41.5 framed

   oil on canvas 

Golden Pastures Study II

12x12 image 
13.5x13.5 framed

 oil on canvas

Light of Day

24x30 image 

25.5x31.5 framed

     oil on canvas  


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