Marty Allran

The artist says, “My fascination with sculpting clay began when I was a small child playing in the red clay banks near my home in the foothills of North Carolina’s mountains. Years later I returned to this passion and began creating ceramic sculptures.” 

Marty’s artistic creations are one-of-a-kind, hand-built sculptural ceramic pieces that have a distinctive, organic feel and exude fluidity and freedom of form. The sculptures incorporate the deep, rich textures and colors exhibited by nature and are inviting to the eye and to the touch. Her style, originality, and creativity are exemplified by the variety of her work, which includes unique vessels, artistic accent pieces, as well as an occasional sculpture with a hint of whimsy.  

resides in Wilmington, NC and maintains her studio in nearby Hampstead, NC.

Please click any of the images below for a  larger  image


H 8” W 17”  $695

H 7.5” W 14.5”  $395

H 7.5” W 17.5”  $625

H 12” W 14.25”  $800

H 11” W 10.5”  $425

H 14” W 9”  $425

H 9” W 10”  $395

 Copper Fusion
H 11.5” W 7.5”  $395


H 14”   W 8.5”  $395

  Evening Tide

H 14.5”   W 15.5” 


From the Deep

H 17”    W 7.5”    $495 


H 12.5”   W 13”  $395


H 14”    W 8”     $325

Obsidian Garden

    H 10”    W 8"     $295

  Brahms Blue

H 8.5”    W 15”   


H 10”    W 9.5”  



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