Monique Carr

Monique Carr is a contemporary landscape abstract painter. She grew up in Montreal, Canada and now lives in East Tennessee. Prior to becoming a full-time fine artist in 2009, Carr worked as a graphic artist for 25 years. Since the beginning of her new career, she has been studying under many well known artists, which has influenced her development and success. The style that emerges in Monique’s work is out of the ordinary. It bursts with energy with its vibrant colors, constant movement and intriguing texture. 


The artist says, “My intent is to transform a common scene into something new and stunning that will leave the viewer with feelings of surprise and joy. I am constantly thinking about composition, harmony, colors, movement, and texture. I want to capture a mood, an impression of a place, an expression of my feelings. Abstract painting allows me free expression of emotions and helps to loosen up my representational work. I constantly push myself to discover new techniques. I find excitement in doing different themes, styles, and shifting from medium to medium.”

Please click any of the images below for a  larger view


    Sunset at the Bay

20x20 image  22x22 framed

  oil  $1400

  Come Sail Away

20x20 image  22x22 framed

  oil  $1400

       Sailing at Sunset

20x20 image  22x22 framed

      oil  $1400


   Crossword Puddle

20x20 image  22x22 framed

   mixed media  $1400

Wonder Bay

12x36 image  13.5x37.5 framed

       oil and cold wax  $1500

Rise and Shine

36x36 image  37.5x37.5 framed

 acrylic  $3200


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