Wayne Salge

The medium of bronze allows the artist to create both animal and human figures that are exemplary of his unique style. His approach is thoroughly modern, somewhat abstracted and distinctly impressionistic. Salges body of work is characterized by the continual interaction of angles, lines and textures that emphasize stillness or movement and evoke a distinct feeling. Working in wax or clay to create each original, the artist then follows each piece through the foundry process in northeastern Colorado near his home and studio.           

The artist says, I am not concerned with precise anatomy or plausible function;
instead I focus on the expression of attitude or emotion.

Please click any of the images below for a  larger view

    Pedro Bronze

16H  Edition 1/12


Helene Bronze

30H  Edition 1/12


Marketable Bronze

  21H  Edition 2/12


Mick & Mack Bronze

   14H  Edition 5/12


   Rubio Bronze

14H  Edition 2/12


   Rufino Bronze

11H  Edition 2/12





  Raymond Bronze

22H  Edition 11/18




Fiona Bronze


 Open Edition

  Sit Bronze


  Edition 4/12


Hobby Bronze


 Open Edition


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